A Name Change?

The Board has proposed the action of changing the dba (doing business as) Unity Church of Greater Rochester to Unity Rochester Spiritual Center. Our legal name will always remain Christ Church Unity. We had some discussion during our Annual Membership Meeting in March and would like to continue the conversation. 


Through research and conversations with a senior Unity minister who is a church marketing specialist, it is the Board’s belief that this name change will enhance our appeal and visibility to a wider spectrum of people. This move will allow us to grow in membership and programs while we solidify our financial stability. 


To help facilitate the conversations during future meetings, the Board requests your comments in writing. You may email the office or mail in comments via U. S. Mail. The plan is to have a final vote on June 11. Please take this opportunity to allow your thoughts to be expressed. 

40 Days of Letting Go: Lent 2023

The 40 Days of Letting Go: Lent 2023 booklet offers inspiration and specific suggestions for releasing whatever keeps you from realizing your true spiritual nature. The booklet not only identifies qualities to release — anger, anxiety, fear, and more — but explains how to do it. Lent begins Wednesday, February 22. The booklet is available in our bookstore now.