Lifted up on wings of prayers
Soaring to new found heights
Climbing towards clearer vision, contentment, peace;
All a soul’s delight.

These journeys give comfort
These flights ease sorrow and pain.
However the true journey to understanding and gain,
Lies in the sojourn into “Silence”.
The undiscovered lands of Spirit and Enlightenment.

by Roy Williams

What We Can Do for Ukraine

— By Suzanne Carter —

As so many of us are deeply troubled by what is happening in Ukraine, I sought ideas from Mark Nepo, the Daily Word and also from deep within my own consciousness that has been so influenced by Unity’s advanced teaching.

In the Daily Word, from February 28 about WORLD PEACE: “A small act of kindness, forgiving thought and prayerful hope moves us closer to the realization of world peace.”

From Mark Nepo: “Our goodness and kindness matter. Each gesture matters. And so, while we need direct responses to violence and cruelty, every effort of love and concern in the world helps keep humanity healthy.”

What I would suggest we do: Let us each follow our heart’s guidance in creating moments of love wherever we go. If you are at odds with your primary partner, do what it takes to create harmony. If you are at odds with yourself, do whatever it takes to create a feeling of love within. If you are guided to take direct action for Ukraine, do it now; DON’T WAIT.

Finally, as we create peace and harmony in our own lives, this will in fact create new pathways in our world that will connect positively with the people involved directly in this war (both perpetrators and the victims).

I am praying that every kind gesture of love we give, whether directly to Ukraine or to one another, brings us closer to world peace.

Collections continue at several sites around the Rochester area to help people impacted by the Russian invasion in Ukraine.