Summer Series: Consciously Created Change

Our summer series, Consciously Created Change, runs June 12—July 24.

Fine-tune and exercise the creative powers within you by learning from the book, The Creative Life by Eric Butterworth. Choose a project in which to apply the creative spiritual principles from the story of the seven days of creation in Genesis.

Sunday, June 12: Let There be the Light of a Creative Idea
Divine Ideas of Love, Wholeness, Abundance, and Peace are seeking expression in me and space. We open the needs and dreams of our lives to the fullness of Spirit’s presence in our world.

Sunday, June 19: Let There be the Expansive Foundation of Faith
Our knowing with inner certainty creates an arena in which manifestation can take place.

Sunday, June 26: Let There be the Formative Power of Imagination
We hold an image, feeling, inner sense of what we want. We give thanks in advance.

Sunday, July 3: Let There be the Illumination of Will and Understanding
We may have the desire for something, but without the will to do something toward that end, it’s just a wish, a desire with no energy. This week our understanding empowers our will and we move into action. Good words for this week are, “I know what to do and I do it.”

Sunday, July 10: Let There be Discrimination in Multiplicity
There can be confusion with a multitude of options and the emergence of resistance. In order to arrive at some clarity, we focus on what we sense and intuit rather than what we think and feel.

Sunday, July 17: Let There Be the Marriage of Love and Wisdom
This 6th week of creating conscious, positive change is about responsibility, authority, commitment and persistence going forward toward our goals. The paring of male and female is a dynamic energy of oneness.

Sunday, July 24: Let There be the Holiness of Completion
This final week of our creative process is once again about “letting”. We allow for conditions to adjust to our creative activities. We make room for divine inspiration by participating in “Sabbath” moments: responsibility, authority, commitment and persistence going forward toward our goals.


Let There Be Coffee!

Sunday Fellowship resumes! We are affirming that it is now safe for us to drop our masks, sip some coffee, and talk and reconnect with each other after the Sunday service. We are stepping into this in faith and trust knowing that we can always step back or even step forward as we are guided.