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It’s More Than Just About Sex

September 11 @ 11:00 am - 2:00 pm

It’s More Than Just About Sex: The problem is about equality or lack thereof

Rev. Suzanne Carter

Rev. Suzanne Carter

This was the title of this workshop presented in 2019 at Unity’s International Conference about the issue of sexual harassment. It has been revised to address all relationships and problems of inequality— sexual harassment, racism, classism, injustice, physical abuse, emotional abuse and more.

Choosing to be equal is the answer to every challenge. This answer will solve the problems of sexual harassment, racism, classism, injustice, physical abuse emotional abuse and more.

Typically, these challenges reflect the erroneous attitudes and beliefs that there is a superior group — men, rich, white, English speaking, heterosexual, young, attractive. When one adheres to these erroneous attitudes and beliefs, the space between the superior and the inferior is filled with dysfunction and abuse.

When we are willing to be “equal to,” we then experience that God is clearly in the Space Between Us. This is the answer to all challenges: Accept that we are all equal to one another, not better than or less than, but equal. We humans can’t seem to understand this truth. All spiritual leaders have proclaimed this. All wise teachers model this. Parents who are emotionally well show their children this. Couples that have struggled for a healthy relationship practice this.

There are two steps to this process.

1. Find inner oneness, which means we become willing to accept all parts of ourselves. We must be willing to accept that each one of us is born with unique gifts and each one of us has challenges. It is often in the overcoming of the challenges that we find our gifts.

2. Find outer oneness with all of our brothers and sisters, and then be willing to learn to be “equal to,” and learn to communicate from this place of equality.

So how do we ever get to the awareness that we are all equal? Come to the workshop and learn how. There will be presentation, individual writing, small group sharing, guided visualization and more.

Suggested love offering is $25-$50. A minimum number of participants is required, so please pre-register by emailing unityroc@unityrochester.org or use the sign-up sheet at the church.

Suzanne Carter is an ordained Unity minister and a licensed psychotherapist with many specialties, including children, families, trauma, animal-assisted therapy, dealing with grief and loss, and more. She is the author of ALL CHILDREN ARE GIFTED: Raising Confident and Aware Children. See her article in the current Daily Word.



September 11
11:00 am - 2:00 pm