Honoring Our Past, Creating Our Future

Saturday, February 24, 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m. — Honoring Our Past, Creating Our Future (HOPCOF) workshops are a powerful way to make sure that everyone has a voice in the development of a spiritual community. The HOPCOF process is designed to bring our church community together to help share the story of how we have created our identity as a church. Then, by exploring present circumstances and future possibilities, we will learn how we can provide continuity, meaning, and purpose for our community. This workshop will lovingly move us through a transformative integration of the past with future possibilities. It will be enlightening, powerful, and fun!

Everyone is encouraged to attend! It is a vital step aimed at allowing us to effectively prepare to welcome the right and perfect new Senior Minister as we move through this time of ministerial change.

Please plan to join Rev. Sandy and the UCGR board members for this important day-long event that will be facilitated by Transitional Consultant Rev. Monica Driscoll.