Meet Our New Minister

Rev. Nat Carter

Rev. Nat Carter

Unity Church of Greater Rochester is happy to introduce our new Senior Minister, Rev. Nat Carter. Here is what he would like to share with you:

Throughout my professional life, my focus has been to serve and empower others to grow into their divine potential. In church ministry, my focus has been teaching positive, practical, mystical Christianity creating a healthy relationship with the Judeo-Christian roots from which we are growing. My transitional ministry work has revealed exciting possibilities for community vitality and growth with countless examples of what works and what does not. I have grown from being minister-centric to collaborative and mission-focused while still exercising leadership. Ministry is my calling, not my job. I love it.

I grew up in a Southern Baptist and Russian Orthodox home. I was confirmed Lutheran at 13 and rarely attended church thereafter until my interest in spirituality was awakened through Yoga. The teachings of divinity within, meditation and thought power led me to Unity and a positive reconnection with my roots.

My ecumenical studies as a Unity student in a Methodist seminary and with the Interim Ministry Network and my study of world religions and Yoga have deepened my appreciation of the commonalities of diverse spiritual traditions and the importance of commitment to one’s unique path. My path follows Jesus the Christ with deep appreciation and respect for other paths. Unity, its teachings and its traditions, are my spiritual home.

My most recent reading and study are in centering prayer, mindfulness meditation, spiritual biographies, brain science, interim ministry and books for home study groups.

I have practiced and taught meditation and yoga since 1973. Meditation and prayer are primary in my life.

In the past 30 years. I have done a great deal of work with support groups, relationship counseling and training, men’s groups and personal growth and therapy. I appreciate the 12 steps and am blessed to not have the necessity to practice them. 

I am nurtured by family, pets, gardening, golf, jazz, travel and Sunday services.


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