Meet Our Spiritual Leader

Rev. Barbara Adams

Rev. Barbara Adams

Our Minister and Spiritual Leader
Rev. Barbara Adams, O.M.C., M.S. Ed.

Rev. Barbara Adams was called by Board of Trustees, and accepted the position of Associate Minister and Spiritual Leader of Unity Church of Greater Rochester in June 2022. As a member of UCGR since 2019, Rev Barb has been enthralled with the teachings. She has said that New Thought and Christianity is a natural blend. “That Unity identifies Jesus as our Wayshower allows me to recognize that I have greater access to the Divine. I couldn’t ask for a better “Big Brother in Jesus!” In May 2023, following the approval of Unity Worldwide Ministries and our Board of Trustees, Rev. Barbara’s title changed from associate minister to minister.

Here is more of what Rev. Barb would like to share:

Attending my first service at Unity Church of Greater Rochester, I was drawn to the positive messages, and the notion that they were presented as a lesson truly hooked me. As a retired educator, I felt that I had found a faith tradition that spoke to my belief that inspiration could be shared in a communal, informative manner, topped off with large helpings of love. Now, in the leadership position, I enjoy bringing my lifetime experiences and passions to our community.”

A little information about my career path.

I hold C.A.S., M.S. Ed. and B.S. Ed. degrees from State University College at Brockport. My career in education was centered at East Irondequoit School District for last 26 years of my 32-year career as a health and physical education teacher, athletic coach, and finally, as an administrator. During those years, I also enjoyed being the Director of The Eastridge Performing Arts Program and Chair of the Chemical Awareness Team. I was honored to receive recognition as N.Y.S. Outstanding Health Educator by NYSFPHE, and a Meritorious Teaching Award by East Irondequoit C.S.D. Board of Education

I offered a “Healing the Inner Child” workshop at the Eastside YMCA, and also offered this workshop, which was open to the Rochester community, at Spiritus Christi Church. Trained by the National Coalition Building Institute, I co-led a diversity training workshop for teachers at a state conference, and within the school district from which I retired.

I am the author of two published children’s books, The Adventures of the Course Kids! Through Faith and Grace ©2014, and The Adventures of the Course Kids! With Grace ©2021.

I was ordained by Pathways of Light Spiritual College in 2016. With the approval and support of URSC’s Board of Trustees, I enrolled in Unity Worldwide Ministries Special Dispensation program when I was appointed Minister of URSC. Through the rigorous coursework, I am on the path toward Unity ministerial ordination. With the support of my UWM mentor, I and the Board of Trustees update UWM officials every six months of my achievements at URSC and the rate of my successful coursework completion.

As the minister and spiritual leader of Unity Church of Greater Rochester, I am committed to helping lead our church to further our awareness of abundance so that we may continue to thrive!

In love, peace and unity,
Rev. Barb

Hours for Rev. Barb
Sundays 12-12:45 p.m.
If possible, by appointment so that Rev. Barb can reserve the time for you.
Love donations to the church are welcome.

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