New Series

Notes from Rev. Nat: This has been a week of tremendous upheaval for all of us. I had planned to do a Sunday series and book study on the creative process, supporting our New Year’s resolutions and goals. I will do that in the Spring — “Planting a Seed.”

I also had in the back of my mind to do something soon about racism. I have been reading about white privilege and anti-racism and considering how to proceed when I got a new book as a Christmas present — See No Stranger by Valarie Kaur. This work presents the long-term antidote to racism and to the judgment and hatred that recent acts of violence can generate in all of us.

Oneness and revolutionary love are the answer.

I have had some trouble reading this book. Not because it is hard to understand but because I’ve had to stop so often to wipe away tears and breathe into the space opened up within me.

As of now, it is only available in hardcover. The author has a TED talk where she expands into this book. This introduces all the main points of the series and might make having the book unnecessary.

She gave a wildly popular talk at the National Moral Revival Watch Night Service in 2017. It is a great introduction. 

I will spend at least six Sundays on the content starting on January 24 and will provide weekly discussion/study questions.

New Class: Two new online Zoom discussion groups will be held Wednesdays at noon and 6:30 p.m. starting on January 27.

The “Finding Myself in the Bible” Tuesday night discussion class is now canceled.


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