Social Distance, Spiritual Connection

Social Distance, Emotional Closeness, Spiritual Connection — 

March 20 — The current concerns about public health have prompted Unity of Greater Rochester to make some difficult decisions. The health and safety of our congregation is our first responsibility. We will follow the recommendations of public health services.

Effective immediately all services and group meetings are canceled.

The staff will be present in the offices but all business should be done via phone or email. This temporary closure will be in place until it can be safely lifted.

Our second responsibility is to provide spiritual support and education for the congregation and community. Rev. Nat, the A-V and music teams are creating a new Sunday Service that will be available through online resources. Videos of these services will be shot at 10 a.m. Sunday mornings. The doors of the church will be open at that time to anyone who would like to be present for those services or for the 6:30 p.m. Thursday meditations.

A new video format to maintain ongoing classes and groups is under development as well. We will be expanding our Prayer Chaplain and Pastoral Care Team programs to maintain personal connections with the congregation.

Our third responsibility is to ensure the continued financial vitality of the Unity Church of Greater Rochester. We depend on the generous support you give to this church and community. Please consider updating your giving program through an automatic payment or electronic contribution. We will continue our regular Tithing program supporting Unity organizations and will add support of agencies within the Rochester community.

We will all miss the warm comfort and familiarity of our regular Sunday Service. We are being invited to new and creative ways to connect with God and maintain our support of each other. Infinite Love and Wisdom guides our thoughts words and actions.

Please join in our prayers supporting all the people who may be struggling with fear, uncertainty and the effects of this virus. We see this as an opportunity for quiet reflection and affirmation of our Unity Principles.