Lifted up on wings of prayers
Soaring to new found heights
Climbing towards clearer vision, contentment, peace;
All a soul’s delight.

These journeys give comfort
These flights ease sorrow and pain.
However the true journey to understanding and gain,
Lies in the sojourn into “Silence”.
The undiscovered lands of Spirit and Enlightenment.

by Roy Williams

New Youth Program!

Liz Santa Maria is our youth Spiritual Education program leader. After a long absence from the pandemic, we are happy to have the program open again.

Our education program provides a caring, nurturing, friendly, welcoming environment for children of all ages. Vetted volunteers help our youth develop by teaching Unity principles and curriculum through prayer and the arts: story, drama, puppets, and visual arts. We are so happy to be welcoming our children into this loving environment.

Contact us to volunteer or learn more.