We Have a New Associate Minister!

Rev. Barbara Adams

The Board of Trustees is delighted to announce the addition of Rev. Barbara Adams to our ministerial staff effective June 1. She will serve with Nat as a part-time associate minister. This is a cost-neutral move that will energize our outreach and programs.

Unity Rochester is mighty to attract its good and to share that good with others.

A note from Barb:

Having driven by this beautiful church with its unique architecture numerous times, I wondered what the services were like. I wasn’t aware of the Unity message; knew nothing of New Thought, and had no idea if it were Christian-based. Attending my first service, I was drawn to the positive message, and the notion that it was presented as a lesson truly hooked me. As a retired educator, I felt that I had found a faith tradition that spoke to my belief that inspiration could be shared in a communal, informative manner, topped off with large helpings of love. I immediately began reading and studying the Fillmores, Butterworth, Cady, Thoreau, etc., and signed up for my first course through UWSI. Metaphysical interpretations of the Bible woke me up to a new world: one of love rather than condemnation. I felt that I had found my forever home. I’m thrilled to be a member of the UCGR family and am enlivened by your warm embrace. Thank you!

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