Winter Services and Events

Winter – a time for inside work, new year, new decade, new minister, new day…

This time of year invites us to consider resolutions and goals. The weather and short days invite us to spend time inside. That is good. Inner work lays the groundwork for outer manifestation. All successful outcomes begin with an inner idea and spiritual consciousness.

Join Unity of Greater Rochester’s new senior minister, Rev. Nat Carter, in a winter program of spiritual awakening to prepare for the growth and vitality of spring.

The disciples asked the master, “How can we be like you? How can we live at the level that you show us is possible?” The answer to their question was more than words to say and steps to take. They were given a prescription for enlightenment, a pathway to spiritual awakening, a program for growth in consciousness that has come to be called the Lord’s Prayer.

This winter at Unity will feature Sunday services, Thursday evening Spirit Circles discussion groups and personal study questions supporting personal spiritual growth based on the transformational process contained in the “Our Father.” Our familiarity with these words and our joining all the people who have prayed these words throughout time create spaciousness for our effective spiritual growth.

Putting on the Mind of Christ – Consciousness Building Through the Lord’s Prayer

Step 1 Affirmation: I am deeply connected with divinity. My personal understanding of God is sufficient for my success.

This week begins the awakening process contained in the Lord’s Prayer.

Step 2 Affirmation: I am an instrument of God’s peace. Thy will be done.

Step 3 Affirmation: I am in the right place at the right time. My soul is welcome here on Earth.

Step 4 Affirmation: I am supplied and sustained by the limitless resources of Absolute Goodness

Step 5 Affirmation: I am released from the bonds of resentment and regret by the freeing power of Divine Love.

Step 6 Affirmation: I am strong in the strength of my Lord.

Step 7 Affirmation: I AM safe and secure in the protecting power of Divine Order.

Step 8 Affirmation: I am received into the Kingdom of Heaven. I consent to the Kingdom of God.